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    I think that participation and presentation were not disturbed for reasons of the sex or the minority group in past ICP.
    It will be accidental that a certain session of ICP was only a male speakers.
    The rule that there are no sessions in if a female speaker does not include will disturb presentation of the research and the research promotion.
    I remember that former colleague Diana Whipple in NADC and so many grate female researchers who made IAP and history of paraTB research.
    Even anyone will remember the great success of holding recent ICP in Parma, Italy and Nantes, France.

    Female researchers have not beeing the minor presence. that could not go if we did not specify it daringly.
    I agree to a suggested general idea proposed by Kumi, but think that, even so, it is not necessary to document it.

    Furthermore, I advised that IAP should choose the female vice-chairperson of women when I retired IAP vice-chairperson.
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      Dear Members,

      Although a quorum was reached and the Equity Policy was not approved by a majority of the membership, rather than make an effort to modify the policy to attain a greater consensus and have a re-vote, the Governing Board of the Association instead voted to illegitimate the entire voting processes by re-opening and continuing the vote. There are no such allowances in the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure or the Robert’s Rules of Order on which the Association is to operate under its Laws & By-Laws. Thus, even if it passes in this new round of voting, it will be illegitimate, although the Governing Board probably won’t care and will consider it valid.

      But this new vote is more than just about the Equity Policy. I have been a strong and vocal opponent to this policy because I believe a sex-based quota system in a small organization like the IAP is bad – we are not the American Society for Microbiology with 69,000 members. Because of my outspoken opposition to this policy, I have been insulted and attacked by the President (also lied to) and members of the Board of Directors, both personally and professionally. Under the masquerade of an email with questionably inappropriate headers, members of the Board of Directors have invoked an emergency clause within the Association’s Laws & By-Laws to have me immediately expelled from managing the website. Does my expression of free speech and opposition to this policy really constitute an emergency? The Board is currently voting to terminate their agreement (contract) with me for the hosting, management and maintenance of the website. My further expression of the illegitimacy of this continuation vote is likely to invoke further repercussions.

      Thus, a vote in favor of this policy is indirectly a vote in favor of and condoning the stifling of opposition, as well as support for the Board’s continued disregard to the Association’s Laws & By-Laws and established Rules of Order.


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        I never was informed about the outcome of the official vote after the deadline passed. I think this is a violation of transparency and perhaps of the Laws and Bylaws..Not reaching a quorum after the official vote means that the Equity Policy DID NOT pass and there should have been an end of the procedure. Asking for a second vote without approval by the membership looks like an autocratic decision by the Board and manipulating the outcome in favor of the Equity Policy


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          A quorum was reached with over 50% of the membership voting; however, there were insufficient approval votes for passage of the Equity Policy (only 42% of the membership voted to approve). Thus, in violation of the Standard Rules of Parlimentary Procedure and the Robert’s Rules of Order on which the Association is to operate, the Board voted to re-open and continue the voting in hopes of getting more approval votes to push the policy over the threshhold.


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            Although not officially reported by the secretary, the results of the second round of voting have and remain live at: