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    The Association, based on the availability of funds and as determined by the Governing Board, will provide funding for up to 5 individuals from lower income countries to participate in each Colloquium of The Association. Selection of these individuals will be based on the economic status of the individual’s country of origin, a written statement of interest in paratuberculosis, potential for future contributions to the field,
    and scientific merit of a submitted abstract if one has been submitted (abstract submission is not required).

    Program specifications:
    Up to 5 awards will be granted based on the number and quality of applicants and the available funds.
    Each award will include:
    1) free full registration for the 13 ICP
    2) free IAP membership for 2016 and 2017
    3) US$1000 stipend for travel expenses (payable in cash on arrival at the 13 ICP)
    4) a certificate

    Deadline for nominations: March 15, 2016
    Announcement of awards: April 15, 2016

    Criteria (listed in order of decreasing importance):
    1.- Country of origin. Strong preference will given to applicants currently residing in countries not considered “high income” based on the website of the World Bank ( Applicants originally from countries not considered “high income” but currently residing in “high income” countries will be considered only in the case that there were not enough candidates from the first category.
    2.- Statement of purpose. The applicant must provide a written statement (in English) explaining their interest and experience in paratuberculosis, what they know of the paratuberculosis situation in their country, and why they would like to attend the 13 ICP.
    3.- 13 ICP abstract. An abstract for a presentation at the 13 ICP concerning any aspect of paratuberculosis is mandatory for applicants from countries that have already received two or more HH awards during the last 5 year period. For applicants from other countries, abstract would we positively considered but will is not mandatory.
    4.- Applicant status: Applicants must be longstanding members of the IAP or, in the case of young students, must be nominated by a member in good standing for the last 5 years.
    5.- Young researchers are encouraged to apply and will be prioritized. Senior candidates will be considered only if there are not enough qualified junior applicants.
    6.- Repeated awards. The number of times that the same person can receive an H&H award is 3 in order to reach a broader range of researchers. In case of tie, applicants that have already received an H&H award will have lower priority than those not having received any.
    7.- Number of awards per country. No more than 2 awards will go to the same country while there are applicants from countries with less than that number of applications.
    8.- Number of awards to the same group/institution. Priority will be given to awarding members of different groups. No more than 2 awards will go to the members of the same research group while there are applicants from other groups.
    9.- Up to two special HH awards could be granted for students from any country with an outstanding career and presenting a highly innovative abstract provided that there are not 5 or more successful applicants to the regular awards.
    Application for Helping Hand Fellowship to attend the 13th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis (13 ICP) in Nantes, France, June 22-26, 2016

    Country of origin:
    Date of Birth:
    Educational Qualification:
    Current affiliation:
    Group leader:
    Ph.D Thesis Title:
    Area of Paratuberculosis Research:
    Publications in Paratuberculosis Research:
    Applications should be sent by e-mail addressed to the Secretary-Treasurer of the IAP (, and must include the filled in forms provided in the call as an attached Word or Adobe pdf file blocked for changes. The IAP Member Support and Recognition Committee will evaluate the applications in the name of the IAP and its decisions are final.

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